Monday, March 12, 2012

ZOMBIE PLANTATION Begins Production This Spring - Details Inside

We have a cool horror flick called ZOMBIE PLANTATION that is about to go into production this Spring in St. Amant, Louisiana and we have some casting news for the film and the cool poster up top.

From the Press Release:

For Immediate release – Huze Media Group is pleased to announce Jake McLaughlin, star of NBC’s Frontier pilot, has joined the cast of Zombie Plantation. McLaughlin (Oliver Stone’s Savages, In the Valley of Elah and Crash) will star as Mike Stone. Mike became the default leader of a group of survivors at the age of nine following his father's death and has earned their respect and gratitude over the past twenty years. Together with his wife, Summer, he has carved out a life for their son and every other resident of Stone

Genre fans are familiar with multiple award winning actor Gerald Webb (Zombie Apocalypse, Law and Order, Los Angeles, Battle of Los Angeles, Air Collision ) who also stars as Lee, a dedicated family man whose quick wit is only matched by his quicker temper.

Sean Huze (The Next Three Days, Green Zone, In the Valley of Elah) rounds out the starring cast as Andy, Mike’s right hand man who wrestles with loneliness in this post apocalyptic world.

Synopsis: More than a quarter century has passed since humanity lost the war to the undead. A ragged group of families have managed to survive within the walls of Stone Compound, a make shift safe-haven for survivors led by Mike Stone (Jake McLaughlin). This growing community was never meant to be permanent, and is now on the verge of collapse. Resources are low and for the first time in over two decades, Mike leads a team to scavenge beyond the protection of the compound. He is joined by Lee (Gerald Webb) and Andy (Sean Huze). Unknowingly, they trespass onto the property of Curtis Strong, the plantation boss of Rosewood. Strong has embraced the new world and the residents of Rosewood are slaves that live in fear of being fed to their late family and friends that have been turned into flesh-eating ghouls. Curtis senses they are not mere drifters and is eager to add to his group of unwilling subjects. Through fear, torture and manipulation he tries to find out the location of Stone Compound. Can Mike do what's necessary to save his people from becoming Curtis' slaves, or even worse, joining the ranks of the undead?

In the film’s first concept poster, Mike can be seen protecting his son while trying to make his way through the treachery of Strong’s Rosewood Plantation. As the undead rise, blood red runs through the grounds and sky symbolizing death looming in every shadow. Will the undead rule the day or does Rosewood Plantation hold more secrets than are revealed here? This previously unreleased, fear-inducing art beckons moviegoers to approach a world in chaos, where every step forward could be the last for Mike, his son, the families of Stone Compound, and maybe all of mankind.

Zombie Plantation was written by the critically acclaimed Sean Huze, whose recent efforts include penning the screenplay for The Tell Tale Heart starring Rose McGowan, the screenplay for The Wolf, and the stage play The Sand Storm.

Director: Sonny Marler.
Producers: Tom Bhramayana (Mysterious Island) and Matt Keith (Mutants, Mysterious Island, The Tell Tale Heart)
Production start: Spring 2012 in St. Amant, Louisiana.
Zombie Plantation sneak peek location reel is here:
Zombie Plantation fan page: or official Twitter @ZomBplantation

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