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Exclusive Interview: Actor Brian Fortune Talks Shackled, Wrath Of The Crows And More

Dublin, Ireland's own Brian Fortune has appeared in the hit series Game of Thrones as Bowen Marsh, he's been in such films like Savage and The Inside. Fortune has several upcoming projects that we've been keeping our eyes on for quite a while now. The first is the thriller Shackled which finally hits DVD on Tuesday, March 6th and the other is the highly anticipated horror film Wrath of  the Crows that we should see later this year.

Check out my latest Versus as actor and all around cool dude, Brian Fortune shares more about his experiences on a hit series like Game of Thrones and if we could see him return, if he's ever witnessed any kind weird activities while filming, he shares lots about all of his upcoming films and more.

Alien Bee - First off, tell me how your experience was while filming Game of Thrones
Brian Fortune - Well awesome doesn't quite do it! It was a fantastic experience, that doesn't really do it either!!Working on one of the biggest TV shows in the world, working with incredible actors and crew, my director was Dan Minahan, Six Feet UnderDeadwoodTrue Blood, actors wet dream! In one of my scenes I was playing opposite the great Scottish character actor, James Cosmo. A couple of days before I went to Belfast to shoot the scenes I was channel surfing the TV and stopped at TROY, right on a scene between James Cosmo and Brad Pitt and I thought to myself, “Christ....I'll be working with that man next week and there he is working with Brad Pitt.” It was a surreal moment! I was very happy with the way my scenes turned out too.
I've been told I'm returning for season 3 and I'll believe it when I'm on set and the director calls “ACTION”
Alien Bee - You've actually been in several movies we've covered the past few years, next up tell me about Shackled and your character.
Brian Fortune - Well SHACKLED was an improvisional movie for the actors. We had a loose script and bullet points to reach to get across the story. I have to admit, improvisation would not be a favourite or strong point with me and it was good to hear Michelle Pfeiffer admit on The Actors Studio that she hates improv too!! 
True to a lot of indie films everybody worked on Shackled for expenses only, locations were sought and offered free of charge, and boy we did have some nice locations!
My character Jim is decent family man who is trying his best to cope with the death of his son Brian who died in mysterious circumstances. Who would want to kill my son, was he involved in something I didn't know about, he was a great lad, it's incomprehensible to think someone would harm him in any way, let alone murder him. 
My daughter (Donna Bradley) and an old family friend, (Andy Blakie) uncover a few oddities about Brian's life and set off in search of the truth.
Alien Bee - Where did y'all film this movie?
Brian Fortune - SHACKLED was filmed entirely on location in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland. 
Alien Bee - You're also in Wrath of the Crowes with Debbie Rochon, Tiffany Shepis, Tara Cardinal, Suzi Lorraine  and others. Tell me a little about this movie and your character.
Brian Fortune - Wrath of the Crows was certainly a highlight of 2011 for me. Meeting and working with Ivan, Debbie, Tiffany, Tara, Suzi, Domiziano Archangelli, Emanuele Cerman, Matteo Tosi, Gerry Shanahan et al was BRILLIANT!! It was my first true horror, blood, guts and gore movie and what a blast it was. 
I was on set for 17 nights, 17 long tiring nights. I didn't know a whole lot about the Horror Genre , so when I researched the rest of the cast and saw their respective bodies of work, well, lets just say it was a little daunting. “Step up to the plate Fortune!”.... It was really great working with them . They are all very good and generous actors and I would love to work with them again. 
My character Hugo, is complex and quite insane although Hugo, I'm sure, wouldn't agree with the insane bit. He sees himself as a type of protector and saviour and is ridding the world of miracle performing priests. This cruel and unjust world does not deserve miracle workers. 
The movie is set in a squalid prison, none of the prisoners remember being before a judge or being sent there......Is it prison....? is it some sort of purgetory.....? is it hell on earth...? is it hell proper? I know what I've decided and we'll let the audience decide for themselves 
The trailer looks excellent and the fall, when the movie is to premiere, can't come quick enough for me.
Alien Bee - How is it working with director Ivan Zuccon?
Brian Fortune - Oh Ivan was great!! A true professional. As director, and director of photography, he has done an amazing job. Ivan's English is quite good but if he was having any difficulty getting direction across to the actors there was an interperator on hand and it all worked out very well. I would definately have no hesitation in working with Ivan again. Infact, I look forward to it. 
Ivan is a 100% genuine guy
Alien Bee - Have you ever had any creepy experiences while filming any of these horror movies?
Brian Fortune - Well, there were a few odd things going on when we were shooting in the mansion in Shackled. 
Bangs and bumps going on upstairs........there was nobody up there, doors opening by themselves, big loud, creaking doors, and nobody near them....feelings that there was somebody there watching you... To be honest, I was glad to hear director Dave McCabe shout “That.s a wrap!”
Alien Bee - You also have the movie Derelict that's now in post-production. Tell me about this one and your character "the Hooded Man"
Brian Fortune - Derelict is about a kidnapping that goes horribly wrong for all concerned. A bank manager and his family are kidnapped and held hostage while the manager is brought to the bank to empty the safe. 
The gang have not done a proper scope of the old mill they take the hostages to and there is somebody there observing them...The Hooded Man. Who is he? Why is he there? Where did he come from? The hooded man has this dilemma, do I help this family, do I try and get the money for I walk away and save my own skin??
Well, you'll just have to watch the movie to find out.
Alien Bee - What other projects are you working on?
Brian Fortune - Well, I've just finished on two short films, neither horror! We are currently shooting for a webisode competition funded by, RTE, our national TV broadcaster. We were voted through to the second round...the overall winner gets their own funded TV series. I'm in pre-production on a short I wrote and will play lead in, we will wait until we have funding in place before we shoot. I want everybody to be paid! 
July 2012 brings me to New York to shoot a horror......I can't say too much about that right now!
Alien Bee - Tell me something about you you've never told anyone in an interview!
Brian fortune - H'mmmmm, I have a scar on my left eyelid, the result of a dive through a glass door when I was 5. The lid was hanging off and I was fortunate not to have lost my eye!! Well, if it was good enough for Adam West as Batman to dive through glass, then it was good enough for me!!
Alien Bee - Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?
Brian Fortune - Well have a look at Shackled, it's proof you dont need to have a huge budget, or any budget in fact to make an entertaining and watchable movie!

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