Sunday, March 11, 2012


Going into WOUND I really didn't know what to expect except reading the synopsis and looking at the box art. What I got was a wild horror movie with no boundaries and one that really pushes the limits.

Wound follows Tanya who is as insane as they come, mentally and physically. Her mother pretty much left her for dead while her father abused her.  Tanya sets out on a journey of revenge to all that has hurt her in gory and bloody fashion that goes beyond our imagination. The beginning immediately shows you something is wrong with her and then sets out on the journey to explain what is actually going on. We see some strange things in this movie that is just insane, gross and bizarre, some scenes are beautifully bizarre believe it or not.

Director David Blyth has put a really cool and twisted movie together with Wound, pay attention or you'll get lost in this wild ride!  The movie might not be for everybody, some of the scenes might confuse you, maybe even gross you out but the hardcore horror fans should try it out. The special F/X are great and help make this movie what it is, which is insane fun. There's plenty of blood for everyone! Yes, that rhymed...

Bottom line is Wound is a pretty cool and very original horror film that shouldn't be missed. It definitely crosses the line sometimes, but that makes it an even more of a rare horror find. This movie is a weird and wild trip that I enjoyed! 3/5

Distributor: Vicious Circle Films

Run Time: 77 Minutes

Rated: NR

Special Features: 
  • Director David Blyth’s short film “Circadian Rhythms”
  • Music videos for “Damn Laser Vampires” and “Knot Time”, the official theme song for the film.

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