Saturday, March 3, 2012


Brian McDonald is found dead and his sister, Sarah and childhood friend Michael begin to investigate his murder after his funeral and strange and deadly things begin to happen.

The deeper Sarah investigates her brother's death the more dangerous everything becomes for her. More people wind up dead and she and Michael begin to be chased by people they thought were "good guys" at one time, which proves there is more to this than they would have ever believed in the beginning. What is uncovered is a cult that has people all over who are willing to protect it and the secrets behind it including some sort of "soul" draining at all costs.

Director Dave McCabe has delivered a really cool thriller that is shot beautifully, very crisp and clear.  All of the acting is performed without flaw. The standouts in the movie to me are Donna Bradley and Andrew Blaikie who are the key parts of this thriller with Brian Fortune, Ruth McIntyre, Gerry Shanahan, Vivienne Connolly all lending performances that help carry this movie and make it what it is. 

There's aren't lots of special F/X in the movie so the director uses shadows and a few gimmicks for a few scenes that pay of well.  Several scenes play off really creepy using simple shadows and i loved that! 

Bottom line Shackled is a pretty cool watch and well thought out thriller that is definitely worth checking out.  The movie releases on DVD on March 6th. 3/5

Distributor: Midnight Releasing

Run Time: 82 Minutes

Rated: N/A

Special Features:
  • Audio Commentary
  • "The Making of Shackled" Featurette
  • Blooper Reel
  • Introduction to the Film by Director Dave McCabe
  • Short Film: "The Hollow Girl" 

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