Monday, March 5, 2012

Comic Book Review: Ghostbusters # 6 by Erik Burnham (IDW Publishing)

                When we last left our heroes they had been sucked inside a haunted castle which literally had built up a force field around it so they could not escape.   Within this trap now, they set out in this issue to find out how to escape.   The key seems to be a spirit living inside a young boy.  
                On their way to finding this boy, a lot of things come to life, such as toys of slimer, which make for an interesting display.   Did I also mention the haunted carousel which has the horse come off of it and charge at Egon and Winston?   Yes, this turns into a virtual funhouse, with fun being a term for some debate.
                At the end of the issue, once the boy is found, the spirit decides to leave the boy in place of going into Peter.  Why, do you ask?  Well, simply put because this spirit feeds off of greed, lust and all of that good stuff that Venkman is full of more than the other Ghostbusters.   And yet, as they have seemingly won the good fight again, everyone else is oblivious to Peter being more disturbed than usual.
                An interesting side note to this issue is that Ray reveals to Peter a book Egon has written using randomly generated phrases that are pleasing for people to read.   This, in my opinion, could work as some people can be stimulated by a group of random pictures that they find enjoyable more so than, say, an actual movie.  In fact, I believe it’s the exact reason why many people hail such movies as “The Lovely Bones” as being so much better than they actually are.   In any case, I wonder when experimental books like this will start hitting the mass market and replace the likes of John Grisham and Dan Brown.  Perhaps I, myself, need to start working on that formula and become a big money writer without the talent.   Or you know, I could always just kittens candy ice cream bacon.

Review by Joshua

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