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Blu-ray Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 starts out with Jacob running out of his house like a little girl and dropping what appears to be a note, which is actually a wedding invitation to Bella and Edward’s wedding.  This sets the tone for what’s to come in the movie as Jacob is clearly still in love with Bella.
The night before the wedding, Bella has a dream, more like a nightmare where her and Edward are covered in blood and they are standing on top of a pile of their dead wedding guests.  Perhaps this dream, or nightmare, is a sign that she is nervous about the wedding and her future with Edward as she is still human and he is still a vampire.  Whatever the case may be, she doesn’t fret and the wedding goes on.
On the day of the wedding, Bella’s father is there to give her away; however, she looks nervous as she walks closer and closer to the aisle where she will be walking with everyone watching her.  Her nerves go away once she sees Edward.  This part in the movie shows how true their love is for each other as Bella’s worries are melted away instantly once she sees Edward’s smile.
After the wedding, Edward takes Bella to a private island for their honeymoon.  They have a fun time as newlyweds do; however, it was hard for Edward at first because he didn’t want to hurt Bella.  After finally doing the deed the first time, it appears Bella has a bruise on her shoulder, which makes Edward not want to touch her again as he is afraid of hurting her again.  Finally, Bella convinces him to have another go at it and they do.  They spend about two weeks on the island and that’s when Bella gets sick.  Bella finds out that she is late for her period, which means she is pregnant.  Both Edward and Bella thought it couldn’t be possible that she could get pregnant.  Bella being pregnant is a bad situation because she has been told that she will die if she gives birth.
The fetus grows very rapidly inside of Bella and weakens and starves her by the hour.  Jacob catches wind that Bella is sick and goes out to find Bella.  It turns out the Cullens were keeping Bella at their house while she decides to have the baby or not.  After 4 weeks, it appears that Bella is about to give birth; however, Edward doesn’t want her to die as well as Jacob.  Edward tells Jacob that Bella seems to listen to him more so he makes a deal to Jacob.  If he can’t talk her out of not having the kid and Bella dies, Jacob will get to kill Edward, which is what he has always wanted to do.
The wolves congregate and decide that they must kill what is growing inside of Bella because it will not be able to control it’s thirst.  Jacob basically says that he’s having no part of that as he still loves Bella and, as hard as it was for him to leave the pack, he left and went on his own.  It turns out that both Seth and Leah also left the pack when Jacob did and they join Jacob in protecting Bella as the wolves would like to kill Bella even before the baby is born.  Jacob and the Cullens work together to protect Bella from the wolves.
Carlisle tells both Bella and Edward the fetus is too strong and that Bella’s heart would stop even before she gave birth.  Since Bella couldn’t keep nutrients in and was starving, they had to find another way to keep her alive.  Jacob had a weird suggestion that the baby was just waiting to take a bite out of someone.  Taking this suggestion, they give Bella blood to drink.  After a tense moment of first drinking the blood, Bella says it tastes great.  The fetus has given Bella a thirst for blood in a sense.
Bella finally goes into labor.  You can’t really tell what’s going on during the process, but Edward and Jacob help her as Carlisle is out in the woods gathering more blood for Bella.  After giving birth to a healthy baby, Jacob goes to see it.  It appears that he is there to kill the baby, but this is not the case.  The wolves surround the Cullen’s house and get ready to kill the baby, but Jacob comes out.  It turns out that Jacob “imprinted” the baby, which, when a wolf imprints something, other wolves cannot touch it. 
Meanwhile, Bella had died after giving birth and Edward is trying to revive her this whole time.  Does he revive Bella?  I’m not going to give this part away.
Breaking Dawn Part 1 is definitely worth watching.  While this Twilight movie in the series wasn’t quite as good as the other ones, I still prefer the first one over the others myself, it’s still a part of the saga and should be watched in order to get more of the story.  Although there could have been more conflict in this one, it’s still not bad as it teams Jacob up with the Cullens, which is what I had wanted ever since New Moon.  If I had to rate this movie, I’d rate it 3/5 stars because of the fact that, finally, Jacob and Edward are somewhat getting along in this one for the most part.  The ending of Breaking Dawn Part 1 is so good though, that I can’t wait until Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 comes out!
 Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is available now on DVD and Blu-ray!

Review by Drew

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