Friday, February 3, 2012

Royal Pains: My Back to the Future Episode Review

I have only been reviewing the show for 3 weeks, but My Back to the Future is by far the best episode yet. I felt myself getting more and more involved. There were particularly some great characterizations and acting.

One of my favorite performances was by my favorite actor on the show, Kyle Howard. He gets hired by Evan as a back-up doctor for HankMed. He really makes you love and hate him in equal measure. His character is clearly lacking in morals, but he acknowledges that. He operates the way he does and he makes no apologies for it. In fact, he almost prides himself on it. There is a lot of humor is the way his character works, but it also makes things more flawed and real. Howard seems completely genuine in every aspect in his performance; making the audience believe the complexities and making him more engaging to watch.

Tom Cavanagh’s performance really outshines all though. In the previous episode he discovered that he had Lupus. He’s a comedic character and that lighthearted, go-with-the flow, there’s nothing I can do anyway attitude, is what gets him through what lies ahead for him. Come to think of it this isn’t too far off from his character on Scurbs, Dan Dorian, although they are certainly different characters. Sometimes that quirk and care-free persona deceives you, but he hits the right notes to reveal that he is completely out of his element and helpless. Hope is nearly lost and this is only the beginning of a long, painful road ahead.

Hank himself struggles both with trying to guide Jack and give him the best possible chance of surviving as well as being in physical pain himself. Both Evan and him come to realizations of what is really the most important. It hit both notes and the episode over all had enough more serious and interesting moments while still making things light and fun, which the show is very much about.

Written By: Kelsey Z.

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