Thursday, February 23, 2012

Royal Pains Season Finale Review: This One's For Jack

Sadly, we are forced to say goodbye to one of the most compelling characters on the show, Jack. I still expected this to be darker and more solemn than it was. The tone fit the circumstances just right considering the light vs. heavy of the series as a whole. I absolutely loved Jacks’ refusal of a funeral and Hank and co. celebrating his life and respecting Jack’s wishes of not mourning his death. Knowing the person he was and the attitude he had, this course of action leaves a part of his spirit alive. I absolutely love this philosophy and it enhanced Jack’s presence and showed a way for Hank to deal while still embracing all that he was.

Hank suppresses it pretty well for most of the episode, but Jack’s death is affecting him a great deal. Hank’s regret and troubles come seeping out when trying to reach another patient who it doesn’t seem is letting him help. This patient is a young boy and his brothers who take on a hobby of extreme stunts moviemaking in hopes of blowing up on YouTube. They have burns on them and nearly paralyze themselves in this attempt. To them, no risk is too extreme to take. Hank can’t get himself to sit there and watch them kill themselves. He needs them to listen, Jack didn’t listen. Now he’s gone.

Evan struggles with Paige leaving for her new job. It comes out that she is pretty scared herself. This is her first real job and she isn’t sure how to live up to the pressure and expectations. Evan’s love for her is so immense and selfless though, he shows her all that she is capable of and that this is the right thing for her. Meanwhile, Evan takes action of HankMed. He makes decisions that Hank doesn’t end up liking very much. This about something more though. Everything is always on Hank’s terms, maybe it’s about time for that to change.

Review By: Kelsey Z.

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