Friday, February 17, 2012

Royal Pains Episode Review: Hank and the Deep Blue Sea

This week’s Royal Pains gives us the conclusion on the consequences of Jack skipping out on his treatment. Hank is desperate to find him at all costs. He fears what could happen to him if he doesn’t. Normally he would let a patient come to terms with things when they are as lost as Jack is. This is different though. Hank can’t sit by and let anything happen to a friend, especially not one as genuine and carefree as Jack.

The ending of this week’s episode totally caught me off guard. Sometimes you get so comfortable with the current format and feel of a show that you think those components are always going to be there. How comfortable you become with the characters can be a testament to how likable they are and how they seem like a central part of this world. When one of these elements is taken away though it shows just how gripping the material was in the first place.

I am disappointed at what we will be missing from here and out because of this conclusion. It seems like the discovery and character development that went along with this storyline was just getting started. It will be very interesting to see how this effects things from here on out. It will no doubt bring out some interesting, contemplative, and slightly darker material for the show leading up to the 3rd season finale next week.

Review By: Kelsey Z.

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