Thursday, February 9, 2012

Royal Pains Episode Review: Bottoms Up

This week’s Royal Pain’s episode takes place at a classic theater production. Paige is doing painting for the set design; her big chance to prove herself. She is so focused she can’t peel herself away; giving it absolutely everything she’s got. Evan supports her, but despite his previous experience with theater he can’t seem to take it quite as seriously. In the process of making his point, he ends up cursing the entire production. In the end, he might be the only one who can save it.

I really enjoyed the change of setting for the show. I hope this is something they stick with, switching things up from time to time. This is a show about a doctor in the Hamptons, but if they get out of this setting once in awhile it will only add more dimensions and realism to the characters and the world they are in. It also helps it from becoming stale by having the same sort of typical situation week in and week out. Bottoms Up also added a bit to Paige, showing her interest, drive, and passion outside of Evan while still showing her love and support for him.

I continue to enjoy the many sides to Kyle Howard’s character. Even at his worst I love him because he just adds such energy, personality, and shades of gray to the show. From episode to episode, your feelings for the character fluctuate so much. He seems like he has no soul about one issue, but this doesn’t mean he can’t seem like a genuine and charming guy in another aspect. Congrats Howard, this is what acting is all about; bringing reality, life, and many sides to your character visible while making it seem like you are that character rather than an actor.

I look forward to going further and further in to Jack‘s mindset. He shows us how fragile of a line he is on, fleeing from his treatment, and hiding the truth from Hank. He has a desperate need to still enjoy the calming things in life while he still has the chance. It’s subtle, which only makes it all the more tragic and intriguing. This is sure to be one of the most compelling lines for the rest of season 3 and we have only reached the surface.

Reviewed By: Kelsey Z.

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