Saturday, February 11, 2012

Music Review: VAN HALEN "A Different Kind Of Truth"

VAN HALEN has returned once again, this time with original lead singer David Lee Roth but without the original bassist who has now been replaced by Wolf Van Halen, son of Eddie. this is the first studio album with Roth since 1984. Eddie Van Halen hasn't shredded like this in over 20 years and brother Alex Van Halen doesn't miss a drum beat at all! The album consists of 13 songs, mostly all of them are really great tunes!

The album starts off kind of mediocre with the first single Tattoo, why they picked this I don't know because it is one of the weakest songs on the CD. Next up is She's the Woman which is one step better and speeds the tempo up just a little. Now, the third track is where we start to get some sweet music candy with You and Your Blues which definitely speeds up and is a nice catchy tune. China Town shifts to an even higher gear followed by Blood and Fire which has that 80's radio feel and guitar talk to it, it's all good. Bullethead is the next song which has a bit of a punk sound and is a bit of a filler song (if you ask me). As Is starts off with Alex's drum solo (hard, heavy and slow) meeting with Eddie's guitars and Wolf's bass then we hear the entrance of Roth's screams. It's good stuff that sounds like vintage VH!

Honeybabysweetiedoll is a filler song that really makes no sense, simply a head banging tragedy that you may end up liking, or not.  The Trouble With Never is another filler, it's fast but passable. Outta Space picks up where the fun left off, fast and good with great guitar!  Roth's vocal's screaming with Ed's guitars are a perfect match!  Stay Frosty reminds me of the classic VH single Ice Cream Man, it's slow and very catchy, actually it's stuck in my head now!  Big River is guitar driven fire that has Eddie having some fun with his son Wolf and brother Alex with Roth's vocals leading the charge. Very catchy!  Beats Workin' is the heavy finale that is a lot of fun to listen to that makes you want to crank it on up  and let the bass blast. It's another tune that sounds like vintage VH and is a lot of rocking fun! I love it!

Bottom line is Van Halen has returned back to 80's form. This is a great 13 track CD and it's good to see Roth back out in front with his unique vocals, Eddie slicing his axe like the old days with his brother, the Reverend Alex banging on the drums like an old pro! The album seems to missing just a little heart from bassist Michael Anthony, I'm just saying but nothing against young Wolf! This is still a great album! 4/5

Interscope Records

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Anonymous said...

Some of these are unfinished demos from the late 70's and early 80's which explains the 80's vibe this album has. Great to see David Lee Roth back with the band!

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