Sunday, February 12, 2012

Movie Review: FATHER'S DAY

Do you love the crazy flicks Troma puts out? I do too and some have been really out there beyond some people's comprehension like the latest, FATHER'S DAY.

This movie is a grindhouse style flick from the Astron-6 team. The visuals and scenery are done really well for a micro-budget movie like this. The story follows the "Father's Day Killer" who is as gross as any killer we've seen and obscene as any, the guy just goes around and kills dads. A small group who wants revenge teams up to hunt down the crazy slob of a killer. The team consists of Ahab (Adam Brooks) who is kind of like the hero of the story but bumbling and funny while trying to pull off the macho cool guy act. The next guy is Twink (Connor Sweeney), a flamboyant junkie type and Father John (Matthew Kennedy) who is a stereotypical coward, man of the cloth. What these three get into on their adventure is absolutely hilarious and wrong on so many levels. The kind of wrong that will keep you drawn into this crazy flick until the very raunchy, dirty and kind of dark ending.

Just like the old grindhouse movies, Father's Day has some fake commercial breaks inserted within the movie that are as out there as the flick itself. The viewer gets everything a Troma fan would expect from this highly entertaining horror-comedy. Blood, boobs, guts, poop, they didn't leave anything out in this one plus it has a pretty fun story that never gets boring! The movie is shot really gritty and the actors are all fun and that's what you want with a low budget romp like this because it makes up for what it's lacking in other areas, like the budget.  Astron-6 shows how to make a fun movie that is Troma's newest slap in the face fun fest. Say that five times fast!

Be warned! If you aren't aware of the kind of movies that Troma spews out then this might not be for you but for the hardcore fanatics, they'll love this nasty ass movie! Father's Day is a movie I can watch over and over again! Did I mention the special F/X are lots of twisted and creative fun and they all are pulled off perfectly! I'd like to know how they pulled some of these tricks off!

Bottom line is Troma delivers a new instant classic with Father's Day! If you love obscene, vulgar, gory slices of horror cheese then this one is for you! Father's Day is my new favorite flick from Troma! 3.5/5

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