Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mobi Pizza's 'Pizzeria Challenge' App Lacking In Creativity

So when I was asked to do this review for the "Pizzeria Challenge" app, I was a little disappointed. Why you ask? Because I feel that these pizza apps have already been made (and failed at) before. But nevertheless, I still went ahead and downloaded the app to see what it was all about.

First and foremost, let me just say the UI of the app is great & I tip my hat to the developers. The app looks crystal clear & not half done like some developers do just to get an app out there. But you see, that's where my compliments will end.

The app basically presents you with 3 different options: Making A Pizza, Pizzeria Challenge & Find Local Pizza  Places. The "Making A Pizza" section does exactly what it says, just guides you through making a pizza. While the presentation of the app is great in doing this, I kept asking myself WHY am I doing this. What is so fun about this?

The "Pizzeria Challenge" section presents you with orders as if you were working as a pizza cook. Then you need to make the pizzas in a timely fashion (and have everything correct on the order) because other orders are still coming in. Ok, here is the game aspect of the app I guess. Still just a little boring to me, but if you're a pizza lover then go for it!

The "Find Pizzeria" section invokes Yelp! within the app to locate local Pizzerias. This is great and all, but why wouldn't I just go to Yelp! instead? I guess it's an added benefit (and great for their promotion of the app), but I always find it weird when app makers incorporate other company's app. I am always left with the thought of, "Why didn't I just use THAT app instead?".

The one bright shining star of this app is that it says there will be online ordering soon to those local pizzerias you find using the aforementioned section. I just wonder how exactly they are going to do that. If they can match the ease of use like the Domino's & Pizza Hut apps have, then that is something they need to heavily promote. Because let's be honest, who wouldn't choose your local pizza shop over the big chains.

Overall, if you are big pizza affectionado, then this is the app for you! But if you're looking for an entertaining game, you better go fire up "Angry Birds" or "Temple Run" instead.

>>Download  Mobi Pizza - Pizzeria Challenge

By: JDubeous

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