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Exclusive Interview: Director Shane Cole Talks MUTILATION MAN And More

Shane Cole is the co-writer and co-director of the new horror flick MUTILATION MAN (review HERE) which is one of the better low budget slasher movies to come along in recent memory.  The indie movie is original ,brutal and definitely left me wanting more and what better way to ask for a sequel than to interview one of the guys who brought us this cool movie.

Check out my latest Versus as Shane Cole reveals even more about Mutilation Man, his influences, sandwich meat and what's up next. Yes, I said sandwich meat!

Alien Bee - First off, tell me about your movie Mutilation Man for all of readers who haven't checked it out yet.
SC - The Mutilation Man is about a masked man who makes his way into a quiet neighborhood bringing nothing but torture and pain alongside him. The police are on the hunt for someone with no identity, the only evidence of his existence is the mess he leaves behind. When he enters the home of Roy and Jessica, they have no idea what's in store for them. As the story unravels you find that there may be more motive behind the man?s actions than either of them could ever imagine.
Alien Bee - You and your brother Derek wrote and directed the movie. Did you have any certain influences in creating this character?
SC - We grew up watching 80's horror films. While writing this script, part of that definitely starting shining through with the main villain - the masked silent killer type.
Alien Bee - Unlike a lot of horror movies today this one actually has a well thought out back story.  Did ya'll go into this with that plan?
SC - We wanted to write a horror film, that was for sure. We love the genre. When it came to the back story, we are both filmmakers who want to tell a story, not just have blood and guts thrown all over the place.  Story was key with this project.  The main Villain's back story is the integral part which brings everything together in the end.
Alien Bee - To me when you add great special F/X with a cool story it's usually a winning combo. Who did the awesome F/X work for the movie?
SC - The crew was incredibly small on this project. There were no more than four of us on the entire set, that included my brother and I.  Emma Julia Jacobs, who is well known in the horror genre, stopped by a few nights to help out with Sabrina Carmichael's (Jessica) head wounds and fake foot! When it came time for some of the other fx shots, my brother and I along with the help from Rich Lowe (a neighborhood friend who ended up being our storyboard artist) would sit up all night prior to the shoot rigging the scene, which would usually consist of bottles of fake blood, tubes, air pumps and sandwich meat.
Alien Bee - Are you still up for the movie playing at any festivals or is that over?
SC - The film had a pretty good go-around at fests. It won 'Best Make Up FX' at the 2010 Buffalo Screams Film Festival.  The film was an official selection at 3 other festivals. The film is out on DVD, distributed by Midnight Releasing ( and available at Family Video, FYE, and online at Best Buy, Amazon & Barnes & Noble, so not sure if it will be submitted to more fests or not. But I'd be down to get it out to a few more if possible.
Alien Bee - Ok, big question. Will we see Mutilation Man 2?
SC - That is a good question!  Derek and I are pretty busy with new projects. Once some of those projects have started, who knows? I wouldn't mind tackling the story for a sequel. We will have to wait and see.
Alien Bee - What's up next for you?
SC - Well, my brother is done shooting his new indie feature Revenant (which stars Stephen Twardokus & Jon Gale from The Mutilation Man) which is going to kick a**!
I have two feature horror/thriller films in the works, hoping to shoot both in Maine. They will be budgeted small-studio films. The titles for these projects are INFECTUS & THE FACE GARDEN 
A third project I'm currently writing right now with Megan Lynn, which I hope to shoot here in Los Angeles. More info to come on this project.
Info and promo trailers for the above can be found
Alien Bee - Would you like to say anything to all the horror freaks checking this out?
SC - If you love the genre, support indie horror!If you are a filmmaker, keep that camera rollin!AND - check out Alien Bee Ent. News more often!

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