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Exclusive Interview: Actress Reiko Aylesworth Talks BUZZKILL And Other Projects

Actress Reiko Aylesworth has worked in TV and film including 24, Lost, ER, AVPR, Stargate Universe, Hawaii 5-0 and more. She also has two new movies headed our way, the first is the "can't miss" comedy Buzzkill (review HERE) that will release on DVD this month and The Understudy which hits theaters in March.

Check out my latest Versus as the lovely Reiko Aylesworth talks about her upcoming projects, the process of getting into character, her experiences and more.

Alien Bee - How did you get into acting?
RA - No one in my family was involved in acting or the arts till my Stepfather came into our lives when I was 13. He introduced me to improv and acting. It's something we still bond over. I'm very grateful to him.

Alien Bee - Tell me a little about Buzzkill and your character.  
RA -Sara is an intelligent, compassionate and down to earth woman whom we first meet as she's breaking up with her longtime boyfriend. She wants a family and his obsession with the script he's written which no one will buy has left them financially strapped and unable to even think about having a child. The central character Ray feels he's being asked to compromise his artistic sensibility and Sara feels he's resisting writing a commercial script or working another job purely out of snobbery. She's supported him for years but her clock is ticking and she feels there's no other choice but to cut bait...

Alien Bee - How did you get into character?
RA - I did the basic character prep homework. When I got to set and met Daniel (Ray) I was relieved to find it was going to be easier to get in to my character and this relationship than I might've thought. He was so willing to figure out the relationship and to be vulnerable and foolish and pathetic which is the kind of funny I love to watch! It's always ideal to be able to do all your work then just trust it will be there and focus on your partner.
Alien Bee - Did y'all get to do any improv being that it is a Second City film or was it all script?
RA - A bit. We were encouraged to be loose and natural with the text but it was all pretty much there. 

Alien Bee - When does the DVD release? 
RA - Feb 21 2012
Alien Bee - You have a film coming out called Bad Parents. Tell me a little about this and the cool cast it has.
RA - I looooooved working with these funny funny people! The movie is basically about Soccer Parents who become obsessed and out of control.  I mostly worked with Jeneane Garofolo. I knew she would be incredibly sharp and funny but I had a nice surprise in how sweet she was. I had a funny (I hope), pathetic and emotional scene with Jeneane that I was nervous about because it was basically me doing a long monologue to her and spinning out. She gave me so much to work with just from her reactions. 

Alien Bee - You've also done lots of TV including Stargate: Universe. How was that experience?
RA - I had a great time working on Stargate. I didn't really get to do anything Sci-fi-y because all my scenes took place on earth and were emotional scenes but it was fun. They basically called up and said would you like to come play Ming Na's longtime partner and I said yes because I think she's a wonderful actress and it was a pleasure to work with her.
Alien Bee - How did your experience on SGU compare to doing a feature like AVPR?
RA - It was completely different. My scenes on Stargate could have been on many one hour dramas. The work on AVPR was definitely Sci-Fi. There were lots of Aliens and Predators, running, shooting lots of guns, driving a tank. I got in the best shape of my life doing AVPR.
Alien Bee - Do you go to fan events like Comic Con?
RA - I've never been invited but I really hope to go someday. Even as a spectator. 
Alien Bee - Have you had the SGU fan experience yet?
RA - Not exactly sure what that experience is so... I guess not. I had some people come up to me and say nice things. I guess I should check the web. Aw, now I feel like I'm missing out.
 Alien Bee - What would you say has been your favorite acting experience so far?
RA - Hmmm... Sorry, that is too hard a question to answer. 

Alien Bee - You also have a new film hitting theaters THE UNDERSTUDY. Tell me a little about that film and your character.
RA - I really just have a funny (I hope) cameo toward the end of the movie. The lead of the movie is brilliant actress named Marin Ireland. She plays a woman who is cast as the understudy of a Greek play that involves murder and revenge. The leading women mysteriously go in to comas or die and Marins character keeps going on for them and becomes a success. Then people become suspicious... It's really funny and romantic in the way it portrays the theater and NY. The style reminds me of old Woody Allen NY comedies.

Alien Bee - When does it hit theaters?
RA - March 16th 2012
Alien Bee - What else do you have going on or coming up?
RA - I'm still finishing up Bad Parents and I have a recurring on Hawaii 5-0. I've also been directing some theater projects with my boyfriend and I have an ongoing improv group which I'm part of. I have a couple other eggs which may hatch soon...
Alien Bee - What would be your dream project?
RA - I don't think about future projects much. I want to be surprised!

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