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Exclusive Interview: Actor/Writer/Producer Ross Patterson Talks Poolboy, FDR: American Badass! And More

Ross Patterson has several projects headed our way! The actor/writer/producer already has Poolboy: Drowning Out The Fury "which is the most important film ever made" that is available now on DVD and is streaming on Netflix Instant. If you love the goofy movies like Airplane, Naked gun and especially Hotshots: Part Deux then you don't want to miss this one! Patterson also has FDR: American Badass! that will be headed our way soon. He tells us what we can expect with this wild title.

Patterson shares other projects he has in the works, his influences and more. Check out my latest Versus with Ross Patterson aka Saint James St. James. You don't know who that is? You will now!

Alien Bee - First off how did you come up with such a crazy story for Pool Boy: Drowning Out The Fury?
Ross Patterson - Many nights start and end with a fist full of qualudes, a bottle of Mr. Boston's Vodka, and numerous text messages to a girl named "Luna" who I met on Spring Break in Cancun 02'.  One morning however, I woke up with the words "Poolboy: Drowning Out The Fury" on my Etch-A-Sketch underneath my futon.  I knew then that it would be the most important film ever made.
Alien Bee - The movie reminds me of Hot Shots but on steroids and a lot raunchier! Was there any influence there?
Ross Patterson - There was a slight influence of "Hot Shots: Part Deux", but I got absolutely nothing from "Hot Shots" the original.  I want that on the record.  I also want on the record that I've never made love to a Hall and Oates song, in the rain, behind the Los Angeles Forum, no matter what my ex-wife says.  And oh yeah, that's not her Trans Am either.  I painted the eagle on the hood, not her.  What were we talking about?
Alien Bee - There are quite a few familiar faces that show up in the movie. Did y'all have a hard time getting anyone to sign on? Was there anyone you wanted but couldn't get to do it?
Ross Patterson - Not really, but Richard Karn from "Home Improvement" and "Family Feud" demanded that he got to keep his wardrobe from the shoot, which consisted of a hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, and a puka shelled necklace.  No lie.  We gave it to him.  Me and my producing partners Tristan Drew and Brandon Bonfiglio laugh about it to this day.  The total cost of the entire wardrobe was $24, but he wanted it for some reason.
Alien Bee - Can you share any crazy stories while filming the movie? There had to be some crazy stuff going on behind the scenes for this!
Ross Patterson - The woman we rented the house with the pool in it for Poolboy's house called after we left the location that day and said, "Could you send someone out here?  There is fake blood from the dead Mexicans you killed in the movie all over my backyard and my dog is loose running through the neighborhood with a firework in his mouth, this wasn't part of the deal!"

Alien Bee - Tell me about Saint James St. James please!
Ross Patterson - He's a man who's not afraid to cry when no one's looking.  He also summons all his strength from the groin of 10,000 lions.  He'll also smell your grandfather's bicycle seat after a 15 mile ride, then thank him for it.
Alien Bee - What is St. James St. James Presents: Delirium Cinema? 
Ross Patterson - It is a show that IFC bought which features a very special look back at the 214 worst films ever made by Saint James Street James over the last 25 years.  Each week he will show you one of his "masterpieces".

Alien Bee - Ok, tell me about FDR: American Badass and the impressive cast in the movie
Ross Patterson - FDR American Badass! is the true story of President Roosevelt and how he contracted polio from Nazi werewolves who are trying to take over the world during WWII.  Barry Bostwick plays FDR to perfection and his performance will down as one of the best comedic performances of all time, mark my words. Lin Shaye is awesome as Eleanor and Ray Wise, Jesse Merlin, William Mapother, and Bruce McGill are scene stealers.
Alien Bee - How did you come up with this wild story that includes such an iconic president from American history?
Ross Patterson - After watching Murderball. I wanted to see a guy in a wheelchair beat some ass who is also smooth with the ladies, and who better to do that with than FDR?  He's the ultimate pimp president... before Clinton pulled out his cigar collection.
Alien Bee - Do you have any other projects you can talk about?
Ross Patterson - Yeah, we have "Darnell Dawkins Mouth Guitar Legend" due out this year about the greatest mouth guitar player of all time.  He and Jimi Hendrix battle it for the best guitarist of the 1960's.  Also, we just completed shooting a movie called "50K And A Callgirl, A Love Story" about a guy who has a month left to live and blows his brother's savings of 50 grand doing the wildest shit cross country in America with a prostitute.  It stars Jessie Wiseman(Bellflower) and rapper Asher Roth makes a special appearance at a fraternity party at Ohio State.

Alien Bee - Would you like to say anything to all of our readers checking this out?
Ross Patterson - Just that I appreciate everyone who buys and supports my movies I'm trying to make the craziest shit ever, because studios would never let anyone get away with this.  I'm trying to make these films for everyone who wants to get high, drink to and watch before they go out and hit the bars, or just put on after they've gotten buck naked with a woman on a bear skinned rug in front of a fake fire place.  These are the movies you want to watch over and over again.  It's not like you're going to throw on "My Left Foot" and then go rage. 

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