Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DVD Review: UNDERDOG: Complete Collector's Edition

"There's No Need To Fear"  The UNDERDOG: Complete Collector's Collection on DVD is simply a must own for fans of the little superhero dog or fans of cartoons in general. Shoeshine Boy aka Underdog is always saving Sweet Polly Purebred from the evil Simon Bar Sinister while he leaves a path of destruction behind him, Underdog that is. Did I mention he throws out rhymes as he goes along? Oh yeah!

This 9-disc box set features all three seasons of Underdog that are comprised of 62 four-part episodes that adds up to 21 1/2 hours of animated awesomeness!. Within the cartoon shorts are even more cartoon shorts that include Go Go Gophers, Klondike Kat and Commander McBragg. All of these shorts are hilarious and being that they're from a different era they tend to point at certain cheesy stereotypes which makes them even more entertaining to me!  The stories are all pretty cheesy but I think that's because it all comes from a completely different generation from a more innocent time.

The entire series has been remastered from animation to the sound quality which both turned out perfect. We don't really get these kind of cartoons anymore which makes this set an even more recommendation, especially for parents who are looking for something new for their kids to watch or to even watch with their kids, that's more like it!  Each cartoon is lighthearted  and easy to sit through because they only last a few minutes each and then move on to the next.  It's amazing how simple and innocent the stories actually are compared to what we get today.  

The set comes in a nice and sturdy box that includes "The History of Underdog" booklet that features detailed information on the entire series including the episode guide for all of the discs.  That's a lot of episodes!

Bottom line is Underdog: Complete Collector's Edition is a must have and highly recommended for kids of all ages! If you love cartoons then be sure to pick this set up when it drops on February 21st. You can pre-order at the bottom! 4/5

Studio: Shout Factory

Run Time: 21 1/2 Hours 

Bonus Features:

  • Bonus Cartoons: Tooter The Turtle And The Hunter
  • Alternate Episode Openings And Closings
  • Featurette
  • Commentaries With Writer/Producer/Co-creator W. Watts Biggers, Voice Actor George S. Irving, Producer Treadwell Covington, Animation Historian Mark Arnold And More . 

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