Thursday, February 23, 2012


RABIES is the first ever horror film to come out of Israel. The movie follows a brother and sister on the run, a serial killer on the lose, a group of friends and a pair of local police who all ultimately meet up.

Rabies' story just seemed to drag along for me but it did have a few cool scenes that included some decent special F/X but I just couldn't get into the characters. for this to be the first horror movie to come out of Israel it is a pretty big deal so I'll hand that to the filmmakers but some of the characters just aren't well developed at all and it leaves you wandering what are they doing there and why and a few you ask who they are. Oh, and there's not a lot of "rabies" going on in the movie, just some crazy dude.

The best part of Rabies is the ending but it takes so long to get there you might as well just fast forward to the final 10 minutes and enjoy because that's about all I liked from it. The subtitles may bother some people as well.

Bottom line is I really didn't like Rabies too much. It has a few fun and gruesome scenes but that's pretty much it. It's available now, try it out if you dare. 2/5

Studio: Image Entertainment

Run Time: 94 Minutes

Rated: NR

Special Features: None

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