Sunday, February 19, 2012


LONDON BOULEVARD is the newest gangster movie to come along that tells the story of an ex-con trying to make his way and leave his past behind him but he finds that hard to do.

The movie has a great cast that includes Colin Farrell in one of the best roles I've seen him in to date. His character can be violent and relentless if driven to that point, even though he is trying become a better person and leave his past behind. Keira Knightley plays an actress who meets Farrell and they immediately hit it off. He finds out she's been hurt before and becomes very protective over her, to the point he has to revisit his gangster lifestyle so he can take care of some revengeful business with the local crime boss played by Ray Winstone. Rounding out the great supporting cast are David Thewlis, Anna Friel and Ben Chaplin.

Farrell is the heart of this movie and I really enjoyed his character and performance! He has a soft side that is well hidden and a very hard side and when it's shown is totally enjoyable watching him turn into "tough guy" mode. Knightley wasn't in the movie enough and I think it would have been better if she would have had more screen time, simply because of the special relationship that is built between these two characters and his protectiveness over her.

William Monahan, who is known for his writing, makes his directorial debut with London Boulevard and does a good job catching the gritty crime world setting. This movie is a good watch but doesn't even come close to classic fan favorites.  It has some slow moments in a few scenes that could lose you which is the downside of the movie.

Bottom line is if you like gangster movies and have been wanting a new one to come along then be sure to check out London Boulevard, it's watchable but no classic. It releases on February 21st. 3/5

Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Run Time: 103 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features:
  • The Making of London Boulevard

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