Tuesday, February 14, 2012


KILLER BY NATURE  follows young Owen Whitmore (Zachary Ray Sherman) who has a unique sleeping disorder and sleep walks. There's also some murders happening and Owen begins to think he may be doing these or he's being talked into believing he's doing the brutal killings. His mother (Lin Shaye) is the kind of mother that will go to extreme lengths to protect her son. Enter Dr. Jonas Julian (Ron Perlman), a specialist in sleep disorders and dream analysis and the man who is supposed to try and help Owen. 

As the story begins to unravel itself certain twists begin to happen. Owen isn't the only suspect in the murders and is ultimately innocent to a point. He's weak in that he believes he's committing these acts and becomes a puppet of sorts until the true killer finally is unmasked.  Armand Assante plays a small but important part in Killer By Nature that also gives the movie even more of a dark twist. Perlman pulls off a great performance like always and Shaye really digs deep for her emotional performance. The movie has a great small cast with great direction by Douglas S. Younglove who also wrote the story. 

Killer By Nature is a good watch but it isn't a perfect film either. It's hard to crank out an original thriller these days because they've all pretty much been done. The movie does have some cool twists and turns which makes it an even better watch for the viewer but the strong cast is what really makes this movie what it is!

Bottom line is Killer By Nature is a great thriller with some really cool twists! It releases on DVD and VOD today so if you're looking for a new thriller be sure to give this one a try! 3/5

Studio: MTI Home Video

Run Time: 90 Minutes

Rated:  NR

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