Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Del Toro To Produce DAY OF THE DEAD

As Guillermo del Toro continues filming his upcoming alien disaster flick Pacific Rim he has added another film to his ever growing list but this time as a producer for DAY OF THE DEAD, that will be directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez.

Don't worry, this Day of the Dead isn't a Romero remake of his classic zombie movie but will actually by a Romeo and Juliet CG film based on the Mexican holiday known as Dia de los Muertos that's celebrated between the first and second of November that honors the deceased, with festivals, parades, prayers and offerings of food.

Gutierrez, penned the script with Doug Langdale and the Mexican based F/X company Reel FX will tackle the CG. Look for Day of the Dead in 2014.

Source: Heat Vision

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