Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Comic Book Review: The Tooth by Cullen Bunn & Shawn Lee (Oni Press)

               Everything about The Tooth makes you believe that it is something that it’s not.   From his first appearance to discrepancies about his origins, The Tooth seems to have an entire folklore built in before you even begin reading the first issue.  So, what is The Tooth exactly?   Where does he come from and why is he here?   Well, those questions aren’t important.   People who read comic books tend to ask too many questions.   What you need to know is that The Tooth is, well, a tooth who shrinks down and fits inside its host’s mouth but when he needs to fight he comes out and grows to the size and strength of something like Hellboy.  
                Part Edgar Alan Poe, part fantasy with a slight nod to comedy thrown in, this whole concept may seem a bit off at first but it definitely works.    The art is kind of pastel or colored pencil looking, which complements the blood and other gore quite well.   At times you might feel like you’ve been reading for pages and pages, but there are quite a few wordless fight scenes which make it all worthwhile.
                Would they make an action figure of The Tooth?  I’d buy it.   Would he be on t-shirts and in major motion pictures?  Why not, Hollywood has obviously run out of ideas so you never know how this would do.
                Yes, The Tooth is a character I would certainly like to see a lot more of so long as he came with the vintage ads and presumably fictional mailboxes in between the issues.

Review by Joshua

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