Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Comic Book Review: Level Up by Gene Luen Yang (First Second Books)

                My main interest in this comic book obviously came from the fact that it is about video games.   A young man, trying to fulfill the wishes of his dead father, gives up his addiction to playing video games to become a doctor.   When he realizes he might not have what it takes, he decides to pursue a career in the video game world, writing reviews and taking home prize money in competitions.  
                Eventually, our protagonist Dennis comes to the conclusion that even though video games make him happy becoming a doctor and really helping people would make him even happier.   While parts are funny and just all around touching, this would be a great comic book to present to someone from ages 13 to 23 who doesn’t really know what to do with their life or why.   It is, in its simplest form, a story about living up to your potential.   I enjoyed it and would recommend it for someone under 30 because you’ve hit that mark it seems to be too late.
                The art in this is also interesting, as it is somewhat minimalist and though it’s divided into chapters (which could be issues if this wasn’t just put out as one volume) it very much resembles that of a comic strip you would find in the Sunday newspaper.   That fact, since the art reminded me of Peanuts for some reason, made this seem even more comforting.
                Again, if you’re over 30 this book may just make you realize all the mistakes you’ve made in your life and how you haven’t lived up to your potential, but so is life.   I’m definitely going to give this book to my son to read when he is old enough because hopefully it will have an impact on him while he is still young enough to appreciate it.

Review by Joshua

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