Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Comic Book Review: Hopeless Savages: Greatest Hits 2000 - 2010 by Jen Van Meter (Oni Press)

              As soon as I saw the cover art for Hopeless Savages, I knew this was going to instantly become my new favorite comic book.    Split into three different stories (as well as some bonus tracks) the focus is on two rock star parents who have a few kids who are, for lack of a better word, punk rock.  Though Twitch is technically mod, but that’s not as important as how much this book rocks.
                There is adventure as they cross countries and try to get mum and da back after being kidnapped.   There is a romance story told in reverse about how Zero basically set her school on fire, but not really.  When you think about the concept of this being just a screwed up celebrity family, you wonder how far it can go before it gets boring.   But the elements thrown into the mix that you’d least expect leave me wanting more.   Yes, I demand to read more Hopeless Savages and I hope that someone does see that through.
                Funny side note:  Zero, who really is the main character in these stories, has developed somewhat of her own language so that sometimes you can’t really understand what she’s talking about.  This also becomes a problem for other characters, so relax you are not alone.   However, at the end of it all you get a nice little reference dictionary of words made up by Zero.   I encourage all who read this to copy this list of words and try to work them into your everyday life.

Review by Joshua

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