Monday, February 27, 2012

Comic Book Review: Bake Sale by Sara Varon (First Second Books)

              Bake Sale is an odd little book that is probably for a younger crowd than me, but I still enjoyed it slightly.    The tale follows a young cupcake who owns a bakery and his attempt to travel to meet his baker hero.   In the end he learns an important lesson about it not mattering where he finds himself in the world but rather it is the people he surrounds himself with.
                Oh, did I mention that everyone in this book is some sort of food?  They also happen to be named based upon what they are, hence the main character is a cupcake named Cupcake.   Pretty complex, huh?   While mostly a steady mix of fruits and vegetables (which you’d expect to see) there are also some odd characters in here, such as a bag of sugar and a strip of bacon.   You have to incorporate some sense of disbelief or else you’ll drive yourself mad wondering how food can eat itself. 
                The artwork looks like it was done in Microsoft Paint, which is not necessarily a bad thing.   It has a very simple style to it that I think kids would enjoy up until maybe the age of ten or twelve.   Granted, I about three times that age and I read this with somewhat enjoyment, so who am I to say what age limits are?
                Disturbing scene:  The main character Cupcake loses the cherry on top of his head and replaces it with a blueberry.   The funny part is, it gets knocked off by Bacon.   If I was a character in this universe I’d be Bacon because he’s kind of tall and skinny (Though not too skinny, somewhat round in ways) like me.   (Also because bacon is the greatest food known to man)
                On a fun side note to this book, while Cupcake creates many different desserts throughout this story, you can actually find the recipes at the end to create them yourself.   I thought this was a nice touch especially if you intend to present this book to a young baker or someone in their early thirties who wants to learn how to bake.

Review by Josh Macala

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