Monday, February 27, 2012

Comic Book Review: Adventure Time #1 by Ryan North (Kaboom)

When I first read that Adventure Time would be getting their own monthly series I thought to myself, why not, the show is great; they have adequate merchandise so a comic book seems appropriate.    The first part of this issue is like something straight out of the animated series.   If this had been the entire comic book, honestly, I would have been satisfied and still read this every month.   However, the second half of the issue (or so) is a story within the Adventure Time realm but it is told with different artwork.   I actually really like this concept, somewhat even more than the original Adventure Time format because it’s something different from what you see on television.   If this continues with every issue and we end up seeing Finn and Jake drawn in many different ways that we are not accustomed to seeing them then this series will more than exceed any expectations I had for it.
                When I purchased this comic book, the guy behind the counter at Bedrock City said something like: “Heh, Adventure Time… all right”.   It is very much one of those things where Adventure Time is something that you either get or you simply do not.   If you like the show, you’ll obviously love this as well.   The writing and artwork is spot on.   If you don’t like the show, though, then this is probably not for you.   To me, Adventure Time has always kind of been this nonsensical show that is what I imagine cartoons to be like in some sort of parallel universe.   Best case scenario, this comic book turns new fans onto the show.
                Please note that this comic book series is found in your local Bedrock City with the other comic book deemed for “children”.   It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve gone to that section since they have Darkwing Duck, Peanuts and other titles I like in there.   Despite being shelved for kids though, this still appeals to me as an adult.   Don’t feel badly about buying it.

Review by Josh Macala

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