Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blu-ray Review: REAL STEEL

REAL STEEL is the latest movie from director Shawn Levy who is known for his more family friendly films. I've enjoyed most of Levy's movies but Real Steel is now my new favorite!

The movie stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie, a washed up and down on his luck former boxer in the not-so-distant future who has a small gambling problem in the underground "robot boxing" circuit. He is reunited with his 11 year old son Max (Dakota Goyo). The two go at it in the beginning but slowly learn that they are more alike, like father's and son's should be. The two find an old junkyard robot that Max names Atom and becomes way more that just one of the robot boxers. The father and son duo form a bond and take on the world of future boxing kind of like Rockem Sockem Robots!

As Charlie and Max enter the fighting circuit and go through each robot competitor it's the magic of the mysterious Atom that helps to bring this father and son team closer and to the match of the century with the opportunity to fight the champion robot Zeus.

The special F/X and mo-cap work in the movie are freaking excellent but sometimes even cheesy, with the dancing and all but you have to remember this is a kids movie!  The story is good but is way overshadowed by these awesome robots and the special F/X. Jackman shows once again why he is the perfect choice as a leading actor for movies like this while young Dakota Goyo pulls off a flawless performance. Director Shawn Levy shows once again why he's the go-to-guy for family film's that include over-the-top F/X.  And I will also throw in a special shout out for the robot and mo-cap actor who played Atom. This is a great performance by all parties who brought this robot to life and left us loving this mysterious and likable robot.

Bottom line is Real Steel is a fun film for the entire family and I really enjoyed it and hope for more! This Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack is highly recommended for the kiddos!  Real Steel is available now! 3.5/5

Studio: Touchstone

Run Time: 127 Minutes

Rated: PG

Special Features: Lots of good stuff!
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes with Introductions by Director Shawn Levy
  • Countdown the the Fight: the Charlie Kenton Story
  • Real Steel Second Screen: Ringside with Director Shawn Levy 
  • Sugar Ray Leonard: Cornerman's Champ
  • Plus All DVD Bonus Features

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