Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Web Series: PLACEHOLDERS - Episode 2 "Administration"

Here's PLACEHOLDERS episode two everybody! PLACEHOLDERS is a short-form comedy series that stars Melanie Donihoo, Nicholas Mills, Brandon Scott Peters, Holland Vavra Peters, Bart Stewart, Bobby Simpson II, Taylor Basinger, Tommy Bo, Jordan Coleman, Bobby Haworth, Shawna Rencher, Jordan Mantell, Tim Wrobel, and Debbie Rochon as "Carla". Episodes directed by Mel HouseRobert Luke, Jerry Ochoa, Carlos Tovar, Chris Warren, James LaMarr, and Cliff Holverson.

In this episode, we are introduced to Cornelius (the producer who makes "grown folks" programming), Jeff (the scheduling manager with an obsession with Aaron Pulaski), and Carla (the Channel 19 Station Manager). Oh...and the Ghost of Channel 19.

Watch episode one HERE
Source: Atom

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Mel House said...

Thanks man - didn't realize you had reposted this! Eps 3-5 are up over at Atom now.

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