Friday, January 13, 2012

TV: The CW Prepping GREEN ARROW Pilot

Get ready for a new superhero show on The CW! After Smallville ended it's 10 year run all of us comic book fans were left wondering what was next. Well, get ready for a GREEN ARROW  hour long pilot that the network is already at work on but Justin Hartley who played Green Arrow on Smallville will not be a part of this.

Here's some of the details EW has on this project;
Hartley is not involved in the new project, however. Here’s who is on board developing the show: Executive producers/writers are Greg Berlanti (Brothers & Sisters) and Marc Guggenheim (FlashForward), who also both worked on last year’s Green Lantern film, along with Andrew Kreisberg (Vampire Diaries,Fringe — plus he’s worked on the Green Arrow comic book). Berlanti Productions is producing in association with Warner Bros. Television.
So there is some talent behind this project including having someone who has worked in comics always helps. There's also rumors they might take the character in a new direction that's not even associated with the comics. How do you fanatics feel about that? I also think that putting a familiar character like Hartley back in the role would be helpful to make this a success and sort of have this series follow the same path that Smallville took and also have other DCU characters dropping by from time to time.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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