Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frank Darabont Talks About His Departure From THE WALKING DEAD

In an interview with TV Guide former show runner and executive producer Frank Darabont opened up a little about his departure. Even though things have been quiet on both ends there was lots of talk about budget issues. 
TV Guide Magazine: What can you say about your departure from The Walking Dead?
Darabont: It was, for the sake of my cast and my crew, a tremendously regretful thing to face, to have to leave. But I was really given no choice. I don’t understand the thinking behind, “Oh, this is the most successful show in the history of basic cable. Let’s gut the budgets now.” I never did understand that and I think they got tired of hearing me complain about it. It’s a little more complicated than that, but that’s as far as I want to go with it because otherwise it’s just provoking more controversy and that’s not really of interest to me. I just want to keep my head down and do my job and be allowed to do my job, that’s key, and continue to, hopefully, enjoy it and do good work.
TV Guide Magazine: From all accounts, your departure was particularly hard on the cast and crew.
Darabont: These people are like family to me. It has not been easy for anybody. Let me put it that way: It was like a death in the family. Only I was the dead guy. I felt like William Holden, face down in the swimming pool, narrating this thing.
TV Guide Magazine: There was never really an official explanation about your exit.
Darabont: It was a lot of obfuscation and on my end just maintaining what I thought was the most dignified silence that I could. Who needs a cat fight in the press, oy vey. There’s plenty of stuff in this world that I’m excited about doing, and how lovely that we’re getting the opportunity to do this with TNT. How great is that.
Darabont has now moved on by pitching a show to TNT who just last week gave a pilot order to L.A. Noir, which will begin shooting in April. 
Source: TV Guide

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