Monday, January 30, 2012

First look: SPARTACUS: VENGENCE a review of the gods

 In the wake the greatness that is 300 and the lack of fresh Zena or Hercules content, Starz has released a new testament to warriors and women with an abundance of CGI blood spray and overly dramatic slow motion madness.  Spartacus: Vengence is a TV writer retelling of the history of the great warrior Spartacus combined with the classic cinematic ridiculousness of Hercules minus the amazing landscape.  Expect a sound stage built reality barely hidden with in mat paintings and far too many swear words to be taken seriously. 

However.  Watch it with your eyes closed and it could be a great show!!  The acting shows great promise and is miles ahead of the campy Raimi classics, but then again that's what made Raimi's renditions so incredibly epic, but much unlike the brilliance of The Tudors?  This series attempted to take everything seriously but the execution.  Sorry broadcast television, you've reached an epic FAIL.

Unfortunately this show is so NOT 300... or even Hercules for that matter, that casting Lucy Lawless can't save it from it's inevitable doom.  But that's just this girls opinion, give it a watch, if you love it?  Come tell me I'm wrong!!  I'd LOVE to hear from you!!

You're chance to watch the first episode free of charge here: 

Live life!!

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