Monday, January 9, 2012

Video Game: FIRST LOOK: 2XL MX Offroad... MADNESS!!


So, as a massive fan of Mario Andretti racing madness and the extreme stunts of the XGames boys there is no better way to quell my need for speed then the newest in hand addition to the 2XL Games family: 2XL MX OFFROAD!!  What better way to save yourself from speeding tickets and broken bones then to take out your road rage in animated realism complete with jumps, stunts, and head to head action.


Look out Angry Birds!!  As the growth of Android and iPhone apps continues to skyrocket, so does the phone game experience.  We are slowly but indefinitely moving toward a home console experience that includes highly detailed graphics, sound, and function.  2XL MX Offroad is on the verge of that next level of amazing.  Compared to other racing games like 'Drag Racing', 2XL MX Offroad is almost on par with some of the best PS3 and XBox equivalents!!  It puts the simple to shame.  Expect hundreds of Driver/MX combinations, dozens of maps, several levels of play, and multiple stunt combinations all in one game.  However?  Be wary of the memory drain...  all this awesomeness comes at a cost.  The initial DL runs about 40mb and expect an additional 230mb before it's done sucking the life out of your Droid... (Oh yea did I mention?  So sorry iPhone junkies, this rock star is Droid-tastic).


Nothing like options right?? Well, this game is loaded with killer toppings.  For an app game I was amazed at the hundreds of driver vehicle combinations including motocross and four wheeler to driver combinations and different engine sizes. The maps are complex and complete with crazy textured detail. The races are available in amateur, semi-pro and pro levels as well as an arcade and career version where you can compare scores with your friends online.

At the sake of killing my poor little phone I think the only additive I would have loved is vehicle customization.  New engines, shocks, paint jobs, and wheels are a nice incentive to race for BUT why not race just to win right? 

The stunt combinations takes me back to the days of NES's Skate or Die (note to Ultra Games... PS3 Version please??!!) Get your vehicle to catch some some air and with a quick push of a tab your driver will land various combinations of gravity defying tricks, the most difficult for me to master?  The back flip. (Still working on it... )


I am greatly disappointed in the laziness displayed up until now.  2XL MX Offroad is guilty of raising the bar for split second reaction game play.  To steer your vehicle you simply angle the phone.  That's it. And your driver reacts as if you held the steering wheel yourself.  I almost think this has better response time then my car?  The action buttons on the screen (stunts, stop, accelerate) are easily accessible though the jury is still out on how quickly they respond, it's difficult to say if my screen is as calibrated as it should be and I have a protective sheet that may hinder the response.


DOWNLOAD!  Even with the lengthy download and game loading screens?  The graphics and game play are worth any frustration.  Wanna give it a shot??  Download a free trial version here:  and if you love it as much as I do?  Expect a $4.99 price tag. 



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