Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Exclusive Interview: Director Vito Trabucco Talks About Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

Director Vito Trabucco has a cool horror-comedy that will be coming your way very soon called. BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP. This movie is a great throwback to 70's and 80's slashers, it has blood, boobs and humor. Not only is it a fun watch but the cast makes it even better. I'm talking about genre icon Reggie Bannister, 2001 Maniacs director Tim Sullivan as Sister Mary Chopper and Ron Jeremy as Jesus, yes you heard right.

Check out my latest Versus with Vito Trabucco as he talks about his filmmaking experiences, the influences, the cast and the plans for the film.

Alien Bee - First off, how did you come up with such a retro style story like Bloody Bloody Bible Camp?

Vito - It was actually written as an updated story for the first draft.  It was a little later when we decided to add to 70's and 80's to it.  Thank god we did though.  It wouldn't have been the same without it.
Alien Bee - I know there are 80's horror influence with this film but are there any in particular?
Vito - Well the main one would have to be Friday the 13th.  At least that was our intention.  We're all inspired by one thing or another so I really don't know where it all comes from. 
Alien Bee - Ok, tell our readers a little about Bloody Bloody Bible Camp and who you have in this cool movie.
Vito - The name pretty much let's you know what you're getting yourself into.  The film starts off in the 70's where a group of campers are murdered by our transvestite killer nun Sister Mary Chopper.  Now it's 1984 where the camp is being reopened with a new group of counselors know what happens next.  The cast was all great.  I feel bad to single anyone out, but a few we have are Reggie Bannister as Father Cummings, Tim Sullivan as Sister Mary Chopper and Ron Jeremy as Jesus.
Alien Bee - How did you get Tim Sullivan to play the past of Sister Mary Chopper since he is a director?
Vito - We haven't really discussed who was going to play Sister Mary Chopper.  I just wanted someone big.  I got a call from Gigi Bannister asking me about Tim Sullivan.  I said yes right away.  I wasn't sure he would do it since I only knew him as a director, but it turns out he's quite the thespian. He was perfect for it too.  
Alien Bee - The movie looks like it was a lot of fun to make.  What was your favorite experience making BBBC?
Vito - The honest answer is the full frontal nudity shot at the beginning of the movie.....and Jessica's topless scene at the window.  Those were the best experiences. 
Alien Bee - Were there any awkward moments filming?
Vito - Sure there were.  We didn't have much money.  We shot the whole thing in 10 days.  You're going to have moments, but through all the conditions we were filming under, I thought it worked out pretty well.
Alien Bee - Would you do a sequel?
Vito - If this does well I'm sure we will.  There's a lot more we can do with Sister Mary Chopper. 
Alien Bee - Do you have any festival plans or distribution for the movie yet?
Vito - Right now we are looking for a foreign distribution rep.  We're pretty close on getting this ready for a domestic release I believe.  And of course we would love to play it at as many festivals as possible.
Alien Bee - Is there a website or Facebook page where people can check it out?
Vito - We do have a Facebook page which is pretty easy to locate.  Our website is 
Alien Bee - Would you like to say anything to all of the readers checking this out?
Vito - If anyone wants to stay up to date with the release of the movie, sign up for our newsletter and like our Facebook page.  We're hoping to have this out there for everyone to see very soon.

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