Thursday, January 26, 2012

Exclusive Interview: Actress Janeline Hayes Talks About Working With Keifer Sutherland, Vin Diesel And More

Actress Janeline Hayes appeared January 25th on FOX's sneak peek episode of TOUCH starring Keifer Sutherland and also has worked with Vin Diesel in his upcoming web series The Ropes.  She’s appeared in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomyand in several acclaimed indie films, including William Arntz’s drama Ghetto Physics, the action-comedy Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Brian McGuire’s stoner-comedy On Holiday.

In her spare time, Hayes likes to play the drums, dance and is an avid runner who was selected as the ‘poster girl’ for the 2011 New York Marathon. Check out my latest Versus with Janeline Hayes as she  shares her experiences working on these projects, she talks about working with Sutherland and Diesel and what all she has coming up.

Alien Bee - First off you'll be in an upcoming episode of Keifer Sutherland's new series Touch. Tell me about your character and when we can look for this to air.
Janeline Hayes -  You’ll see me in the third episode “Tale of the Red Thread – Safety in Numbers,” as a young waitress whom Kiefer finds a special interest in. I wish I could tell you more, but I gotta keep it hush-hush. A sneak preview of TOUCH will air on January 25th, with the official premiere of the series coming in March.
Alien Bee -  How was it working with Keifer?
Janeline Hayes -  He was GREAT! He was so easy to talk to and most of all inspiring to watch him work with his team.  That is every actors DREAM…to work with a team-family that exudes such positive energy.  And, watching such a seasoned professional at work was jaw dropping.  He was calm, cool and open minded.
Alien Bee - You also will be in Vin Diesel's upcoming web series The Ropes. Tell me a little about the web series and your character.
Janeline Hayes -  First of all, Vin took a chance casting lesser known actors -- thank you Vin! The project is based on his life as a bouncer in New York City, prior to becoming a big star. It’s a look at the behind “THE ROPES” politics that go on. I play Jade, an over achiever who wants the same for her talented artist-bouncer boyfriend, whose currently falling to the wayside and getting caught up in night life drama.
Alien Bee - Web series are film pretty fast paced. How different was this from filming for TV or a movie?
Janeline Hayes -  It definitely moved fast, which was different, but it also felt very much like shooting an independent film.  The director and producers were actively involved with input and support on the project, so the pace was never a problem.
Alien Bee - Got any cool stories about Vin Diesel you can share?
Janeline Hayes -  When I went to the callbacks, it had been mentioned that Vin Diesel would be there. I was like “No Way!”, but then sitting in the waiting room, you could hear his voice booming through the walls.  Vin has the most recognizable voice. I was so excited! Once I got in the room, he was so apologetic and sincere about running behind schedule. He really valued us actors, and his generosity and respect for all of usextended to the set and throughout the entire project.
Alien Bee - Do you have any other projects we can be on the lookout for?
Janeline Hayes -  I have a role in the upcoming indie film “THE BIG BAD CITY,” which is still in production. It’s a crime drama starring Richmond Arquette and Vincent Duvall, and I get interrogated by the detectives about a localmurder.
Alien Bee - Now, you're also an avid runner. Do you have any marathons coming up?
Janeline Hayes -  Yes! I will be running the Los Angeles Marathon coming up March 18th. This will be the third year in a row for me.  I will be running with my husband and our goal is to finish together.
Alien Bee - What else do you like to do in your spare time?
Janeline Hayes -  I love to hang out with my husband.  He books bands at “ON THE ROX” at the famous ROXY on Sunset. I love to check out all bands that he’s excited about. I find live music uplifting.  I live very close to Griffith Park and enjoy hiking and talking with friends and lastly I am obsessed with making variations of kale salad.
Alien Bee - Do you have a website, Facebook or Twitter where people can find you online?
Janeline Hayes -  People can definitely follow me on TWITTER. JANELINEhayes
Alien Bee - Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?
Janeline Hayes -  Thank you so much for checking it out and I look forward to sharing more with you in the future!

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