Thursday, January 19, 2012

Exclusive Clip And Images From DORM OF THE DEAD

"College will open your mind…and eat it for lunch!"

Hey zombie freaks!  Here's an exclusive clip for the upcoming zombie flick DORM OF HE DEAD. The movie is directed by Tobias Canto Jr. and Tyrel Good with a cast that includes Aaron Sosa, Ryan Deluca, Dana Dirado, Brian Oviedo, Ashley Pegg, Michael Curtis Miller, Jonathan Michael McClune, Chelsea Bowdren and John Shartzer. Look for it on DVD February 7th.

Will, a lackluster college student, returns to his dorm after spring break to find his younger brother, Cory, visiting him for the week. After ditching classes and his brother, Will returns to the dorm to find it over run…with zombies! While escaping from the zombie infested dorm with his younger brother dragging behind him, Will becomes the unsuspecting leader of a group of quirky survivors: an emo chick, geek know-it-all, poli-sci chain smoker, over-achieving tomboy, and manipulative journalist.On their journey to the student television station in an attempt to broadcast for help, the group of misfits encounters all the elements of the college experience. Complete with zombie keggers and bookworms to football games and lecture halls, Will must learn to lead his new friends to safety in the midst of tragedy and loss while reconciling his relationship with Cory.

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