Sunday, January 22, 2012


Ok, first off there could be a few spoilers in this review but nothing to detailed. I checked out the latest indie slasher that Midnight Releasing picked up called FILTH TO ASHES, FLESH TO DUST. Already covering it some over the past year I knew a little about the film and was excited to finally see the finished product and it was a fun indie horror flick!

The movie starts off with a couple (Eric and Shelly) taking a back road and running across a towering serial killer in the middle of nowhere who ends up killing Shelly and leaving Eric mentally scarred and changed forever. Fast forward and we find a group of teenagers who set out to try and find evidence of this serial killer who goes by the name of Purge and is known for his quote, "filth to ashes, flesh to dust", catchy aint it.  One of the teens is Eric's younger brother. 

They arrive to this abandoned looking, run down warehouse where Purge calls home. One by one the killer begins to stalk his prey, gutting them like fish, decapitating and more. Our small group really has some heart in fighting off this big serial killer but most come up on the losing end of his blade. Ultimately we have a few survivors left in the end who take one last charge against Purge in a bloody battle for revenge and a ghostly reunion of sorts.

The movie has some flaws like most movies do.  Some of the acting was a little weak and the killer to be so towering really should have had a gimmick, like a mask. I know it's so cliche but true in this case. The killer is left to make or break this movie but needed a little something extra to add to the horror! Like a mask, I know I already said that! Maybe he could have used some crazy tool as a weapon or come up with something we haven't seen but it was still fun to watch the guy sling these people around like rag dolls. He just needed an extra layer of horror and fear.

Director Paul Morrell did a great job with the camera. We get some cool shots and angles that are missed a lot of times in low budget horror movies. The lighting is great and the sound is also good, which is a plus when watching any indie movie. It always helps if you can hear and understand the actors! The music in the background also fits in nicely and adds to the scenes. 

Bottom line is Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust is a fun, low budget horror flick with a pretty cool story so be sure and check it out! The DVD releases on February 7th. 3/5

Studio: Midnight Releasing

Cast: Meredith Laine, Allison Ochmanek, Armont Casale, Anton Troy, Teodorico Paul Sajor, Linda Bella, Nicholas Leinbach

Run Time: 86 Minutes


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