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A DARKER REALITY follows a woman hating serial killer played by Daniel Baldwin who narrates some of this story, kidnaps, brutally tortures and sometimes filet's his victims just for sport. Yes, I said filet.

Baldwin's unstable character who goes by "Ghost" takes these women to his hideouts where he mentally and physically tortures them. I'm talking torture that only the wildest imagination can come up with. Crazy inventions, chicken wire, dirty and bloody bathtubs and old rusty tools make up just a portion of what all is used.

We get a detective (James C. Burns) and a very attractive psychologist, Dr. Metcalfe (Sunny Doench) who team up to try and track Ghost down with a little help from a pretty insane convict who knows way more than he should and a mysterious lone survivor who is left both mentally and physically scarred.

As the two get closer to finding what they think they're looking for they find out they've been playing a game of cat and mouse and they are on the losing end of the game. Ghost is always a step ahead even though he  is totally insane. He is very smart and plans things out to just toy with any of them. He even leaves hints on how to catch him just to amuse himself and to see how close they can get to him.

The movie plays out to an ending that left a huge question mark. It just stops, so did they run out of money or do they plan on continuing this story or is  it one of those endings that intentionally ends like this to leave the viewer wanting more. The ending is so open it could have been the beginning! Personally I think it's great even though it'll probably make some people angry. The character Baldwin portrays is definitely a slasher I'd like to see again but probably wont. Baldwin pulls off a performance like we've never seen a Baldwin do, perfectly demented! Director Chris Kazmier does a great job taking us into this gritty and mad world of Ghost and his victims. Kazmier catches so much brutality on camera it makes you wonder what's going on in this filmmaker's head.  He definitely has an imagination that helps make this movie what it is. The brutal nature of this film might not be for everyone but for the pure horror fan and people who like to see new and crazy ways a psycho movie madman can kill or torture his victims then this is a good one! It's very original and all of the actors do a great job! One question I have is the movie itself was made back in 2008 so why the heck did it take so long to get released?

Bottom line is if you've been looking for a new serial killer movie to watch then this is it. A Darker Reality drops on DVD January 10th and delivers some brutal intense horror! 3.5/5

Studio: Phase 4 Films

Run Time: 90 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features: Not enough!

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Trailers

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