Sunday, January 22, 2012


The Second City is known for its black comedies and the latest is BUZZKILL. This movie was a surprising and entertaining comedy that came out of nowhere!  This is a hit.....

Buzzkill follows Ryan (Daniel Raymont), a struggling writer who dreams of making it big with a screenplay everybody else hates. His girlfriend (Reiko Aylesworth) gets tired of his dream of becoming a screen writer to the point she leaves him. His landlord (Larry Hankin) plays a small but hilarious part in the story but doesn't really fit in to the plot of things, he's just a laughable extra. So, Ryan spills all of his feelings, hopes and dreams to a young waitress (Krysten Ritter) at the local diner they decide to take a road trip so he can turn his screenplay in to a producer who supposedly wants it.  All of this happens very fast, spur of the moment road trip!

As Ryan and his new "co-pilot" head to L.A. they set out on a crazy and wild adventure. Ryan goes through more hilarious obstacles and bad luck getting to his destination than I've ever seen happen in one movie. He comes across a killer that is nicknamed the "karaoke killer" play perfectly and creepy by Darrel Hammond. The killer steals Ryan's busted old van and his screenplay. Watching Hammond in this role is hilarious, yet very creepy at the same time plus he likes the screenplay! So the adventure takes a detour, actually several detours along the way and Ryan meets up with more characters on this strange journey. Ultimately and eventually Ryan arrives at his destination as planned but some things change at the end and finally for the better. Fame and fortune does finally find Ryan.

There are some great standouts in the movie, two of them being the chemistry between Raymont and Ritter and the other being the really dark and short lived conversation between Raymont and Hammond. I smell an award for this right here!  Daniel Raymont is a comedic genius and the heart and soul of this black comedy that takes the viewer on such a joyride full of dark humor, bad luck, trauma, "stripped down" anxiety and more. The supporting cast aint too shabby either! This is perfect casting!

Bottom line is if you're looking for a hilarious new dark comedy to watch then be sure to check out Buzzkill on DVD. This movie is a trip, literally!  Look for it on February 14th and pick it up for that special Valentine! 3.5/5

Studio: Indican Pictures

Run Time: 90 Minutes


Special Features: None and with this movie being so good it would have been nice for some bloopers, behind-the-scenes or a gag reel. Something!

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