Thursday, January 26, 2012

DC Universe Online Gives an Update on Seasonal Events

Well it seems the developers over at DC Universe Online are hearing their fan's concerns about the past seasonal events & how lackluster they were. DCUO Creative Director, Jens Anderson, recently commented on the future seasonal plans for the MMO and why they are changing things up.

"Hello DCUO Community,
Many of you have been asking when the Valentine’s Day event will be returning. While doing so, many of you have also expressed your opinions about it – which have largely been negative. Well, we agree. This event is not worthy of the standards we strive for, and we’re going to make it worthy before releasing it again. As you can see, we did something very different with St. Patrick’s day. That was received well, you guys enjoyed it, and we aim to do similar things with all of our seasonal events.
For those of you wondering what this means in regards to Valentine’s Day feats, they will not be available this year. I am sorry, I know that will tick some people off, but the bottom line is we want to revamp it before putting it out there to all of our players. 
Now, I’d like to give you an idea of where we will be going with Seasonal events in the future. Right now we will be focusing on four major events: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. We want each of these to have open world components and a boss fight at a minimum. Over the next cycle, starting with summer, we will be adding the following: Boss fights to Summer, Winter, and Spring, and open world content to Fall. There will be new things to do and new items to collect, so don’t worry about that… Once we have our major events fully in place we will continue to improve and expand on them each year, as well as try some new Seasonal content, such as a new Valentine’s Day.
Thanks for your understanding. We’ll keep you posted when this comes around again next year, and get ready for our St. Patrick's day event this Spring!"
Source: DCUO

By: JDubeous

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