Friday, January 27, 2012

Check Out This TV Theme Song Medley By Jingle Punks - Hipster Orchestra

I was turned on to this really cool TV Theme Song Medley this morning by the Jingle Punks - Hipster Orchestra  It's a mashup of TV Theme songs from the past 20 years played by an 8 piece string ensemble. 
Jingle Punks is a music-licensing company who has provided songs for channels such as Comedy Central and countless shows like The Voice, and The Hipster Orchestra was created by them on a bit of a lark-it was a fun side project for the Jingle Punks team. They have appeared on Late Night with Carson Daly, and their videos have been featured on, NY Magazine's "Vulture", Mashable and Stereogum, to name a few, and they have also put out two albums of covers.

Source: JinglePunks

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