Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bruce Greenwood And Damon Lindelof Comment On STAR TREK 2

STAR TREK 2 has now officially begun filming and some of the talent are being interviewed. Bruce Greenwood is back as Admiral Pike and co-writer Damon Lindelof both shared a few words with the LA Times Hero Complex.

Greenwood shares his thoughts and feelings on being back with his cast mates;
“The family deal that happened was just amazing.  I loved the first one and I loved making it too. Usually when you work on a job and you love the experience, it’s rare that the film matches the experience. You get one or the other but this was one of the few where it was all there. It was just great. I was talking to Anton the other day and he was saying that they all got together on the bridge a few weeks ago and it was just like no time had passed at all. None. I had dinner with Chris a few months ago and he said he couldn’t wait to get back with the gang of people that makes this work. The same with me. They’re wonderful people and the show is like the icing. What’s great is the family. I know it’s an overused term and people roll their eyes but it really feels that way to me.”
He then comments on part 2 script and being well worth the wait;
“Everybody’s got their script – all printed on red paper with every actor’s name stamped across every page — and their brown bag and we’ve all signed these releases that are as long as your leg. The script is good, as you would expect.  You won’t be given anything by anybody when it comes to the movie. It’s easier to push the building than get anything out of anyone. We have a huge stage here, I haven’t seen it. It’s exciting.”
Lindelof adds this via email;
“I have had the good fortune to once again step upon the Enterprise bridge, surrounded by the primary colors worn by, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest casts ever assembled. Every single person involved with this movie has the same ambition — to do everything they can to justify the long wait … to live up to the lofty expectations of 40-year ‘Trek’ fans and those who are coming to the party for the first time. The energy is crackling. The warp core is primed. And we are, at long last, ready to boldly go once again. I hope to God we don’t screw it up.”
Star Trek 2 which really is still untitled hits theaters on May 17th, 2013 in 3D.

Source: LA Times Hero Complex

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