Sunday, January 1, 2012

Awesome Fan Made Short Film: LEFT FOR DEAD- IMPULSE 76

Check out this awesome fan made short film, LEFT FOR DEAD - IMPULSE 76 is nothing short of pure awesome badassness created on a micro budget. The short was directed by Adrian Picardi and co-produced by Northern Five Entertainment and Airsoft GI .
"In a short span of 2 weeks we created a Left 4 Dead fan film from start to finish for only a couple thousand dollars by connecting with artists, video game fans, film enthusiasts, and friends from all across the United States. The entire cast and crew donated their free time, props, costumes, film equipment, and talent for next to nothing but two freezing nights of filming over their weekend. It was a unique, crazy, and an amazing experience. Thanks for watching!" 
-N5 Team

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