Saturday, January 21, 2012

1st Image From Air Thriller '7500' Shows A Spooked Ryan Kwantoen

Here's our first image from the upcoming supernatural thriller on a plane 7500, directed by Takashi Shimizu starring Ryan Kwanten, Jerry Ferrara, Nicky Whelan, Scout Taylor-Compton and Amy Smart who plays Kwanten's wife.

The supernatural thriller follows passengers on a flight from L.A. to Tokyo who start to encounter painful moments from their pasts on the trans-Pacific journey. 

Kwanten describes the film;
"It’s a haunted house movie on an airplane,”
He also talks about his character and his rocky marriage;
“I play a character who is having a very rough time in his marriage. It’s on the rocks and they’re in the last weeks really. They’re taking the trip only because their best friends prepaid for these tickets. They’re doing it as a favor.”
Kwanten describes the passengers and the flight together;
 “The passengers must choose to [either] band together or become loose cannons and start looking out for themselves. It’s a survival-of-the-fittest type thing.  We deal with our problems and conflicts of the past and try to find a way to overcome that,” 
We have several supernatural plane thrillers on the way, does 7500 sound like something you'd want to check out? The movie flies the unfriendly skies on August 31st.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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