Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tech: New MyMusicCloud App for Conduit's 250 Million Users

 TriPlay will soon be announcing a new custom MyMusicCloud app for Conduit. The new MyMusicCloud app for Conduit enables Conduit's 250 Million users to listen to their music continuously while surfing the web without locking them to a single website.

MyMusicCloud (www.mymusiccloud.com) uniquely addresses the needs of users who want to access and play music – online or offline - on any mobile device, tablet, Web-enabled television or personal computer from anywhere in the world. MyMusicCloud enables users to synchronize their iTunes and other media players across virtually every type of device including Blackberry, Samsung, Android phones, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Apple's iPhone or iPad. For example, users can listen to all of their Apple iTunes collection and other media players on an Apple iPad together with an Android, Blackberry or Nokia phone.

Existing users of MyMusicCloud can enjoy the convenience of fast access to new express features without having to login to their MyMusicCloud accounts.  New users can explore MyMusicCloud using the widget and can then sign up for the full MyMusicCloud service.

Conduit (www.conduit.com) is the fastest-growing network of web and mobile app publishers, with over 260,000 publishers and 250 million end users. The Conduit Network empowers publishers – from global brands to independent developers – to create, exchange and distribute apps, and to collaborate through business partnerships.

With Conduit, global brands such as Major League Baseball, Time Warner Cable, Univision, Chelsea Football Club, Fox News, The Weather Channel, Groupon, and Travelocity are successfully marketing themselves online, along with hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized organizations in more than 120 countries around the world.

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