Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tech: Music licensing for game developers - MaaS Storefront

Huge news for online content communities like game developers, filmmakers, etc - Audiosocket's MaaS Storefront is live now. (MaaS stands for Music as a Service.)

The details: 
- MaaS facilitates deals between emerging artists and digital media companies - music licensing headaches are a thing of the past. 
- This is the first and ONLY product of its kind. NO other tech or media company enables partners to deploy a custom-branded music licensing storefront within 2-24 hours.
- Maas: Storefront relieves the burden of integration by offering digital media partners a fully hosted, completely customizable, plug and play version of MaaS: API for companies in need of affordable music for; licensing, discovery, streaming, gaming, photo sharing/editing, filmmaking and social networks.

This is just the beginning of the MaaS Suite of Products being rolled out to address the problems facing online content communities. MaaS is shaping monetization and artist trending strategies, while providing smart and simple rights management tools to digital media companies. 

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