Saturday, December 17, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTERS: The lowdown on Gotham back streets...

Ever want to know what it would be like to don a super hero or super villain get up and rampage all over town with guns, bombs, and roller skates?? Well why then aren't you one of the 300,000 beta testers taking advantage of's  early access beta test of Gotham City Imposters? From now until Thursday December 22nd you have the opportunity to hide behind your self made grocery bag made cowl or hand painted Joker face and run amok though the streets of Gotham as a super hero civilian in the best costume you can make out of everyday clothes!!

Only on Alien Bee Entertainment is our exclusive look into the excitement of this mock reality of the newest version of the DC world.

The Game Play:

FUN FUN FUN!! Don't expect split second Call of Duty gun reaction or realistic aiming, this is pure chaos where you pull the trigger and pray the bullets hit somewhere near their mark. With several choices of archetypes your first option really is Automatic or not? I'd go automatic until you get the controls down... and there are many!! Your character not only shoots, throws grenades, jumps, crouches and runs? But some classes wear skates, fly, and have grappling hooks. Add to that trampolines and dive bombing and you have more things to remember then you did during third period psych. BUT that doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable!!! The game barely takes itself seriously, each character has a series of post death battle cries that will make you chuckle and there are several levels the choose from that all have objectives to achieve. My only complaint? Where is hardcore mode??!!

The Controls:

If I didn't get my point across above? Be prepared for a learning curve. I think once you get the hang of it, there will be much fun to be had, and thankfully there is a training course to get you ready for the PvP mode. However? I think most players will stumble through the first first few weeks of game play until they can react without thinking about it.


I LOVE the design!! The characters are civilian parody’s of our DC heroes dressed in everything from winter gloves with sown on bat symbols to paper bags cut out to be the bat cowl. There are several body types and customizable characters and weapons all unlock-able as you advance. The style is very cartoon and fun, it brings a clever and fresh new look on an age old story.


I expect there to be a new round of Batman Fans flocking to this game. As a classic first person shooter it may be lacking in technical savvy, but as a fanboy classic? It has AWESOME written all over it!!

Get your early access pass right here: 

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