Monday, December 26, 2011

Real Life Superheroes Make New York Times Front Page

The New York Times has given props to our real life superheroes from the Northwest. We've already seen Seattle in the news but here's some making the front page on a holiday weekend and in positive fashion.  These are the Utah Saints, comprised of  Red Voltage, Asylum, Nihilist and more.
“Red Voltage, who in mild-mannered daytime life is a 23-year-old residential leasing manager named Roman Daniels, casually waved a gloved hand to his female drive-by fan. Clad head to toe in a red-and-black leather suit, his face covered by spandex, he is, he said, a different man when the mask goes on — a better man.”

I love that people are standing up to crime and evil but I want them all to please stay safe! 

Source: New York Times via Bleeding Cool

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