Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward Comments On His Cameo In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Don't be mistaken by the "Ward" name on the jersey you see in the trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES being an Easter egg for Burt Ward aka Robin from the original Batman series because it's actually Pittburgh Steeler star Hines Ward.

In a recent interview with USA Today he had  this to say about his cameo;
"I had a blast doing it, It is a big honor for me." 
He's asked about seeing himself in the trailer;
 "It's off the chain. I can't wait to see the movie with my son. Everyone wants to be a superhero, but I think that one part is probably all the public wants to see of me, Batman is the focus. I am just glad I got to be a part of history." 
Comparing his touchdown in the trailer to the real game;
"I hadn't run back a kickoff in forever,  It was a little bizarre. But I scored on the return and any time I score it's a lot of fun."
We all get to see Hines Ward get that touchdown and run from Bane's Dooms Day Device on July 20th, 2012.

Source: USA Today

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