Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Music: VAN HALEN Release Dates For Single, Video And Album

If you had your doubts about seeing a new VAN HALEN album then get ready because the band has several major announcements lined up for us. We told you not too long ago the band left it's WB record label (a 30 year relationship) for Interscope Records and today the VH News Desk has posted several important dates as 2012 closes in. The band looks healthy and ready to rock so here's hoping the album doesn't suck!

From KikAxe Music:
On January 3, dates and cities for the first wave of the tour will be announced. On January 10th, in addition to tickets going on-sale. the band will release their first single and music video. Finally, the new album will be released on February 7th, 2012 - with the full tracklisting and title to be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for details.VAN HALEN 2012 is: Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen, and Wolfgang Van Halen.
Source: KikAxe Music

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