Saturday, December 10, 2011

Movie Review: NAILBITER

Director Patrick Rea is known for his awesome short films and now he has amped it up a notch and is delivering his feature film NAILBITER.

In Nailbiter we follow a mother and her daughters (Erin McGrane, Meg Saricks, Emily Boresow and Sally Spurgeon) on a trip, driving along and then quickly have take shelter when a severe storm hits along with a massive tornado that makes its path of destruction. They find a farm house and go down in the cellar. At first it seems no one is home but they start to hear footsteps that slowly lead to terror for the family.

Rea is known for his psychological approach to film making which means we really don't see too much blood and gore. Nailbiter has a great story with some strong acting by every player on screen. There's a few jumpy scenes that some horror fans will appreciate. What F/X are used look really great, from visual to practical, it's all well done.  Another thing I really like is the lighting in the film, lighting can make or break a movie and can really set the tone. As the story gets darker so does the lighting which amplifies the terror our characters are going through.  The sound also plays an important part and is handled to perfection.

The only flaw to me as a monster lover is I would have liked to see "our" monsters more but this goes back to Rea's psychological approach to his films, leave it to your imagination. Besides that it's a great thrill ride as we watch the women go from an innocent day of traveling to trying to survive whatever the cost.  There are questions that need to be answered with Nailbiter but this is part of  the plan here. What we do know is watch out for monsters when a storm is brewing!

Bottom line is Rea and his team have delivered an enjoyable thriller with Nailbiter that is full of suspense and leaves us with unanswered questions and wanting more. 4/5

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